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That's not me worried about the jury's verdict, but my personalmovie quoteIn 1957, three paintings by Billy Wilder appeared on screen at once. If'Love inside the Afternoon'was completely evolutionary for his work, then the other two films were form of experiments. I watched that great detective movie Witness for that Prosecution (1957) on #link# free online in HD.'Witness for that Prosecution'is definitely an atypical film for Wilder's work. The adaptation of Agatha Christie turned out to be harmonious, stylish and consistent. This picture, perhaps, is usually weighed against'Double Insurance '.Were again faced while using the theme of crime and marital fidelity. This story is beautifully played out by famous actors. Marlene Dietrich takes the conditional position of a femme fatale. Charles Lawton plays legal counsel who loves justice. Nevertheless the role of the accused travels to Tyrone Power.However, I am unable to agree with the numerous exclamation points with this film. This film could hardly tackle Lumet's'12 Angry Men', also released in 1957, or couple of years later,' Anatomy of your Murder'by Preminger.This really is simply because that Wilder has not been as resourceful as Lumet, who shocked us while using the'claustrophobic'of legal court, and never as daring as Preminger, who demonstrated the best insider of any lawyer. Wilder did what he does very well - he made a flawless, harmonious film - the adaptation.It must be noted great collection of actors, just perfectly match the production. Dietrich, Lawton, Power complemented each other, although i believe they may be very diverse actors. Dietrich is surely an actress who was at the cisco kid of her own image, Lawton is a chic actor with objective problems with being obese, Power is a talented young actor who's squandered his talent in constant efforts to compete while in the'length of charisma'with Clark Geble. Only real talent, which has been Wilder, could combine these about movies Important thing: Billy Wilder's legal drama. I believe, the film is really a variation of'Double Bailout ', the intrigue which unwinds inside courtroom.A very good illustration showing a somewhat loose interpretation of Agatha Christie's'Witness'by the good Billy Wilder. I involuntarily compared the versions while using the voiceover translation and dubbing, which I saw for a child. The phrase'kiss me, kitty!' , Which in turn plunged me into sacred awe, sounded differently inside voiceover. Then again clearly there was an opportunity to hear Dietrich's voice, a cool German accent in her own English speech. She was 56 yr old during the time of filming, a similar age as Lawton, it's only impossible to think in it.A straight spine, squeamishly curved corners of the mouth, a narrow waist and simply unmatched legs, and a moment later the apotheosis of vulgarity can be a hunched-over place drunkard.And the secret to success of the non colored documents classic is definitely the inimitable Dietrich - Christina Helm-Vohl.The highlight in the film could be the episode along with her bitter singing in fallen Hamburg.